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Making your heart melt

The cult collection Be cool is inspired by the Artic vastness - where polar bears and artic hares are at home and where Santa Clause may yoke the reindeers to his sleigh. Delicate pastel and more intense blue and green tones as well as cool silver remind you of icy glaciers and seas - glittering reflected by sun rays.

Except for a light satined silver, all plain baubles are high-gloss. This gives Be cool a crystalline character. Silver glittering stripes divide the decorative baubles into halves or eighths. The highlight: High-gloss and dully shimmering surfaces are arranged in the mix on these baubles. This creates an interesting, shimmering interplay which is not obtrusive nevertheless.

A puristic, cool look, which does not have a frosty effect, but conveys a feeling of peace and calm.
Letting go and dreaming of infinite landscapes without horizon where heaven and earth merge - this is the counterpole to the hectic everyday life and goes particularly well with the peaceful Christmas time. Cool polar magic for your home – this will make your heart melt!

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As you like it

Just take: A little bit of Ethno, Hippie, Orient, Rock, Industrial, art, mix everything and you have created the Boho style. The look derived from the Bohemian artists of the 19th century primarily embodies unconventional lifestyle. Decorate and combine as you like it: Souvenirs from all over the world are presented with heirlooms, flea market findings and newly purchased modern elements and primarily aim at telling personal stories.

With the cult collection Be Boho, the easy individualist flair also reaches the festive home. The basic shades of the look are earthy and spice tones: Olive, curry or terra. All plain-coloured baubles are high-gloss. This gives a touch of glamour to Be Boho. As a contrast to the gloss finish, rough sand structures in silver make up the imperfect charm of the decors: All-over glitter dots arranged symmetrically or glitter circles surrounding the bauble like a net.

The unobtrusive colours make versatile combinations possible. Be Boho goes perfectly with, for example, natural materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo, woollen blankets and linen cushions as well as furniture and accessories made of leather or metal.

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Joy to the world

The smell of gingerbread, roasted almonds and mulled wine fills the air. Candied apples and curled candy canes coloured in red and white make your mouth water in snow-covered wooden huts. There is a musical competition between Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen and Jingle Bells. And Santa sleighs above the people’s heads:  The cult collection Be happy reminds you of the happy flair of a Christmas market. The collection is presented in red and white with a few silver accents.

Glitter spikes on glossy red baubles are similar to glittering icicles under the roof ridge, and five-point stars twinkle on a satined white as if they were drawn by a child’s hand. Due to the reduction to a few universal patterns and silver gloss instead of gold, a fleet-footed, modern variant of the traditional red-white theme was created. This variant draws a line from nostalgic childhood memories to today.

Since it is kept simple, Be happy can be used for different styles. In combination with bright wood, jute and linen, Scandinavian Christmas atmosphere is created. The smell of Joulutorttu and Glögi is everywhere while elves scamper through the house. With natural materials such as moss or fir cones, with lambskins and fairy lights with little stars, a rustic hut feeling or chalet charm is created in the city loft as well. And Be Happy may remind some people of classic American Christmas movies. We wish you a merry Christmas.

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