Trend Collection 2017

Exclusiv of KREBS & SOHN


The Trend Collection 2017 ranges in the premium segment between homesickness and wanderlust, nostalgia and modern times. Winterdream makes us dream of the magic of the regional forest, Scarlett stands for modern, sensuous moments. Palazzo carries us off to a Venetian Masked Ball, India to the magnificent maharaja world. And the Birds in Paradise, which fluttered to KREBS- & SOHN last year, have new offspring in their nest.

Every collection has its entirely unique character. Let yourself be inspired!




Winter Dream: Fabulous winter forest
... atmospheric, peaceful, dreamy, fabulous

Glistening snow sugars the trees and crunches when you walk, a lonely fox walks along, a perky squirrel brachiates through lofty heights, roe deer take a look at the landscape and the winter sun bathes everything in a magic light.

KREBS & SOHN has captured such enchanted atmospheres with the Winter Dream collection. The look has a natural, but no rustic appearance. Regarding the colouring, the theme plays with the contrasts cold-warm. White - the main colour of winter and a symbol of purity and innocence - is the basic colour. Based on this colour, Christmas baubles in bright earth tones and a muted grey-beige are shown to their best advantage. If you like, you can combine fir-tree green in matt or high-gloss with it.
The frosty atmosphere is emphasised by transparent or semi-transparent glass baubles which have a highly fragile appearance and remind you of reflecting frozen surfaces. Between them, silver accents glitter as if the Christ Child and little angles had gone for a walk through the forest and left some of their shine there.

The fact that all motifs are figurative provides the Winter Dream with a very special character. Stylised firs, stars and frost flowers, crooked houses and mystical owls tell poetic winter stories: Once upon a time, there was a fairy-tale winter forest, full of elves and fairies… A dreamy piece of winter for eternity.

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Palazzo: New vintage with Venetian grandeur
... romantic, antique, pompous, mysterious

Enough minimalism: At Christmas 2017, the magic of the past may move in.
The tree shines with the mystic splendour of a Venetian masked ball since the Palazzo collection by KREBS & SOHN plays with romantic and opulent inspirations in vintage style. We are reminded of curved arches and columns, splendid frescoes, valuable stucco and sparkling crystal chandeliers.

Matt and shiny baubles in dark berry tones and muted shades of pink remind you of shimmering velvet, heavy satin and rustling taffeta. The ancient charm and the Venetian grandeur have a magical attraction you cannot escape from. The baubles look like treasures hidden for a long time that have been pulled out in order to free them from the patina of many years, furbish them, and provide them with new, modern accents.

Despite all historical relations, the modern elements - the silver for decors and decorative crown in particular - do not provide Palazzo with an outdated appearance, but with up-to-date elegance. The patterns are inspired by Venetian ornamentation, but they are designed lighter and more stylised. Band decors such as sophisticated fetter windings, ruffled irregular hearts with 3D effect or pink feathers in a transparent bauble show that the good old days are regarded with a wink here. You rejoice in them and create a picturesque symbiosis of past and present without merely imitating the past.

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India: Modern Maharajah
... magnificent, splendid, brilliant, glittering

KREBS & SOHN has been inspired by the exuberant splendour of Indian palaces regarding the India collection. However, the Indian style got a makeover and presents its urban side. We say yes to glamour and ethno elements, but in a more reduced way and adapted to the Central European taste.

Of course, sparkling and glittering are absolute musts for the Indian look, but the colours are harmoniously matched. Instead of many colourful hues, the colours are limited to a subtle colour mix that reminds you of curry and spices: A very light brown with orange touch, vanilla-coloured ivory, beautiful grey tones, sometimes light and cool, sometimes a darker, powdered variant, and, of course, gold, gold and gold. The latter is lushly dosed on a reserved basis and creates sparkling glamour effects.

High-gloss surfaces and glitter structures enhance the intended bling-bling look that reminds you of overflowing treasure chests from Thousand and One Nights. The decors take up elements from the Indian architecture and handicraft - but in discreet form. The relations to these elements are reflected in ornaments such as arabesque ornaments, in stylised plant motifs or in wavy lines.

Maharajah lifestyle for your home: By candlelight, an India-decorated tree becomes a glittering, sparkling eye-catcher that takes us on a journey for all senses.

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Scarlett: Big performance for red
... modern, sensual, lively, intensive

Red, the most traditional Christmas colour, got a modern new look. The collection Scarlett is very stylish. For this collection, KREBS & SOHN has exclusively combined red tones in different colour shades and surfaces. Red tones among themselves - an irresistible new interpretation which has a sensual and intensive effect.

Fiery lipstick red competes with bright carmine and mysterious bordeaux for the first place in the pure red ranking. The glass baubles with different surfaces - high-gloss, silk-matt or semi-transparent in the translucent opal look - present themselves concisely. Of course, the red outfit requires the matching ornaments. Here, Scarlett consistently focuses on silver instead of the classic combination with gold for decors and coronets. This is very appealing since the cool silver contrasts with the warm red, makes it shine even more intensively and gives it a very trendy touch.

The decors are presented with striking haptic glitter structures which go well together with the monochrome colour scheme. Silver and red can be found in confetti dots and lines which remind you of paper streamers, glittering fibre belts, dot patterns such as rivets arranged in heart shape, and spar-emitting stars like from a sparkler. Fireworks for a cheerful party.

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Birds in Paradise: Offspring in the nest
... sparkling, gentle, precious, glamorous

The glassy flock of birds by KREBS & SOHN has grown and was extended by different newcomers. However, while the main focus of last years’ collection was on glamourous exotic birds like cockatoos and splendid soloists like peacocks, the focus is moving to domestic singing birds in 2017.  They reflect, in the same way as hares, stags, foxes and other forest inhabitants, the people’s longing for nature, placid and cheerful nest idyll as calming counterpoint to our hectic everyday life.

The forms of the offspring are inspired by tit, robin or chaffinch. When selecting the colours, we let our imagination run wild. On the one hand, there are earthy brown and green tones that remind you of woods and meadows. On the other hand, there are birds in bright red or completely in pure gold.

The feather tails have many variants and different shades: Yellow, a light lobster tone, a soft brown, discreet purple or fiery red. Of course, only high-quality real feathers, e.g. from the peacock or guinea fowl, are used. They have a particularly fluffy and light appearance. It is clear that the native birds are also designed both lovingly and in detail by manual work and can sparkle in the blaze of light - highly glossy and provided with golden glitter. 

The small feathered friends can be attached anywhere, so that they can spread their glossy charm over the Christmas tree as well as over white branches, in nests or floral arrangements. Stunning decorations that revive tradition and symbolic power: Christmas glass birds stand for the awakening of nature, joy and happiness, domesticity and family and are considered as a mediator between heaven and earth and as symbol of the soul.

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